Sad status in Hindi – Express your sad feelings with these Status in Hindi

sad status in Hindi

Feeling sad? Well these status will help you express your emotions. Read sad status in Hindi. You might require sad lines or sad quotes in Hindi to express your sad feeling, because not all the time we can tell directly about our sentiments to others. That is why we look for status. This feature help us convey our message to the right person without even talking to them directly. We have compiled here some of the best Sad status for you along with pictures, so that you can use them directly as your today’s story without spending extra time elsewhere.

Sad Status Hindi

Yes it happens most of the time, when we don’t feel good. One should always be open and express their emotions in this stage. Now internet has given everybody freedom to tell the world about their thoughts. Status plays an integral part in this. We are living in a world where people update their status first and then tell about the incident later to the respective person. Yes many time we get to know about our relatives situation, feelings etc through their Statuses they put on various social platforms.

sad lines in hindi
जिसे याद कर हम उदास है,
वो किसी और को खुश करने में Busy है।

Sad Lines in Hindi

Few lines hold more power than words. When we can not speak something, we take support of writing. 2 liners are always considered as one of the best way to get your thoughts across to the people. Read below few sad liners which you can use as your twitter post, or use pics on Instagram or other network.


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