How to send whatsapp Stickers in whatsapp chat (Tutorial)

How to send whatsapp Stickers in whatsapp chat (Tutorial)

Whatsapp stickers is trending new a days, since whatsapp added it as their new feature. Suddenly people start receiving Stickers on whatsapp. The best thing about these stickers is that you do not have to download it unlike photos, videos or gif. It automatically shows to the receiver and they have to see your sticker as soon as they open your chat. There are so many stickers available like love stickers, sad stickers, angry stickers, happy stickers, birthday stickers and so on. It is exciting to explore more of them and share with your friends. But the bad thing is that most users are yet not able to see the option to sending stickers on whatsapp. Today we are going to tell you how you can add those stickers in your whatsapp. 

How to send whatsapp stickers

Ever since people began to receive stickers on their whatsapp, they are more interested in knowing how to use them. People are looking for an answer of how they can send this type of stickers to their contacts. Watch the video below to better understand this process and add this option to your app.

Watch the video tutorial:


we hope you have got an idea of how you can add this feature and send stickers to your relatives and friends. however we are explaining the process below step by step – 

Add Whatsapp sticker option

First you have to download and install the latest version of Whatsapp. For this you have to go to (if you are using android phone) and download the latest version of the app. You will see the download option easily once you open the website. Once the app will download into your phone, it will ask you to install. Simply give your permission to install. Once the app will install, click done and your whatsapp will open automatically. And you can then send sticker options at the right side of Gif option. Click the emoji button which is at the left side of text bar. and below you will see three option smiley, gif and sticker. click on sticker and tap on any you want to send. 

How to Download whatsapp stickers

If you want to add more stickers of your choice, simply download the app called “Sticker packs for whatsapp” from google play. open it and find many options like birthday, sad, angry, happy, emoji and many more. Add them to your whatsapp then go back and open your whatsapp, you will see all those options you have added. watch the video above to learn more. 


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